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2018 Innovative Products To Inspire You

Cameras that see in the dark, drones that follow you home, AI that manages your phone. Below are some innovative products to inspire you:

  1. The world’s first virtual shopping center opened in Korea.  All products are just LCD screens that allow you to order the items by touching the screen. When you get to the counter, your items are already bagged and ready to go. We will soon see this trend in Europe.
  2. A cellphone you can bend as much as you like and it will still do everything a smartphone does.
  3. Your personal computer ring can play music, check your email, give you alerts and even allows you to browse or chat with others
  4. This man is demonstrating the ability of his prosthetic eye, which has a camera installed in it.
  5. No longer using the camping stove just for cooking, a new line of camping stoves use the heat energy to power up lights and charge your phones or anything else you can charge by USB cable.
  6. The new ‘Google Fiber’ has started deploying, and will offer users an internet connection that is about 100 times faster than what they are currently using.
  7. A stop sign using water to project the image
  8. This motion tracking table morphs its surface to mimic your movements, allowing you to control objects from the other side of the planet if you so choose.
  9. To look at demo videos of the Skydio R1 drone in action, you’d think you were watching a professionally filmed aerial chase sequence. But this drone flies itself, and can follow people from behind, ducking through forests and around bends. It can even be controlled via Apple Watch.
  10. Bose AR audio glasses: AR isn’t just visual. Bose’s prototype sunglasses using spatial audio, arriving as a real product in 2019, show how audio can be used as a tool to augment reality.