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Customer-Centric Process Improvement

Customer-centric process improvement discussionCustomer-centric process improvement is not just about providing more efficient service. It is about changing the way you do business, so that it delights customers, before and after the sale.

It all starts with understanding your customers and their journey – from how they discover your products to how they buy, pay, and receive them. It is about connecting with the mind and the emotions of your customers and delivering products and service that will make them come back over and over again.

We improve your processes by taking time to understand your customers, explore their journeys, map their experiences and document their pain points. We then suggest improvements not just to the user interface, but where appropriate, to the process supporting technologies e.g workflows, chatbots or RPAs to serve your customers better.


Eight Main Reasons for Customer-Centric Process Improvement Failure

Although following a specific process improvement methodology is not absolutely essential, following proven steps or framework can help you achieve desired results. Here are the eight most common reasons for process improvement failures:

  • not understanding your customers and their needs
  • relying on Net Promoter Score improvement as a measure of success rather than critical metrics such as customer churn, lifetime value (LTV) and revenue.
  • documenting future (TO BE) process without first documenting and analysing the existing customer journeys, their touchpoints, and the pain points
  • relying on assumptions when mapping customer journeys rather than on actual customer research
  • drawing difficult-to-understand, unstructured process maps rather than using standard notations
  • failure to break through corporate silos to understand all customer interactions and how they add to the customer experience
  • not considering what impact your process re-engineering activity may have on other processes
  • not looking into the future and relying on old technologies

We deliver superior customer experience by fusing the best principles of design thinking with real customers’ feedback and metrics that matter.

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