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Change Management – The Key to Successful Digital Transformation

Managers discuss change management

Change Management is critical to the success of Digital Transformation because it helps your staff and customers adopt changes within the organisation.

The introduction of brand new technologies, changing business models and re-design of business processes have a profound effect on people. Many of your staff (and perhaps also your customers), may not understand why the changes are being implemented. Therefore they might resist the change, whether they acknowledge it or not.

Some staff may fear they will have to re-skill or up-skill, or they could be losing their job; some customers may prefer the business to operate as it were 20 years ago…  Whatever the reason you need to be able to overcome this resistance, or your digital transformation effort will fail.

The key to successful change management is not a mystery. It is about communicating a clear picture of what needs to happen and why. But for the communication to be effective, you need to know who your stakeholders and influencers are, what are their concerns and personal agendas, and what is their preferred communication style based on their personality type.


Four Cornerstones of Successful Change Management

There are four cornerstones of change management:

  • clarity of vision and purpose – what are we changing and why?
  • management commitment to achieving the desired outcome
  • knowing who your influencers are and understanding different communication styles of different personality types
  • well-thought-through, consistent communication plan

We can help you understand your stakeholders and influencers and create an effective communication plan that embraces communication styles of different personality types.

We employ a structured change management process to ensure that people feel engaged in the change process and work collectively towards a common objective, realizing business benefits and delivering desired results.

We can help you get everyone on board and make sure that change to your information systems, organisation structure, or business processes is fast, painless and does not result in the loss of staff, customers or business reputation.

If you need help with any aspect of facilitating change within your organisation, give us a call.