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Strategic  Business Analysis

Business analysis

Digital Transformation requires a slightly different “breed” of a business analyst; not just a “requirements gatherer and notes taker”, but rather “a consultant” who understands the needs of the customers and the stakeholders and is able to advise the organisation how to transform those needs into innovative products, customer-centric business processes and future-proof technological solutions.

New technologies such as natural language generation, speech recognition, AI or blockchain, bring new opportunities for organisations for creating value, driving cost efficiencies and improving customer experience.  However, such a radical shift in business operations is also laden with risks.

If done incorrectly, the digital transformation process can become lengthy, costly and painful, and in the worst-case scenario, can actually be damaging to the business.

To decrease the risk and shorten the transformation process, your strategy needs to be based on a holistic view of your organisation, starting with your customers and the entire customer value creation process.


Our Strategic Business Analysis Service can help you:

  • identify and evaluate new business opportunities sparked by the emerging technologies
  • define, scope and prioritize business initiatives to ensure the outcomes align with the strategic goals and objectives, drive cost efficiencies and  customer happiness
  • ensure that the organisational strengths and weaknesses are recognized, and opportunities and threats are clearly defined
  • develop business cases to rationalise the investments, highlight the risks and quantify expected returns for the key initiatives
  • gather, document, validate and prioritise business requirements (User Stories)
  • create a Request For Proposals (RFP)
  • evaluate Tender Responses and recommend the best solution
  • improve management reports based on the desired outcomes
  • create a Corporate Blueprint (showing processes and technology interactions)
  • improve business performance based on hypothesis and experiments (and Service Design Sprints)
  • understand customer journeys and customer experience (Defining Personas, Customer Journey Mapping, Touchpoints and Pain points analysis, Service Analytics)

If you believe that any of the above Business Analysis services could create value for your organisation, please get in touch