Change Management

Business meeting 280x240While Project Management deals with the technological side of the project, Change Management helps your staff and customers adopt changes within the organisation.

Most people within an organisation resist change, whether they acknowledge it or not. Change is disruptive for it upsets the status quo.

Yet change is inevitable, if the organsation is to survive and thrive.

So how does an organisation get everyone on board and makes sure that change, whether to its information systems, organisation structure, or business processes is fast, painless and does not result in the loss of staff, customers or business reputation?


Four Cornerstones of Business Change Management

Pic2Change is a process, not an event and in order for it to be successful, it needs to be properly managed.

Poorly implemented change results in chaos, higher operating costs, loss of customers and valuable staff, increased risk exposure and loss of business reputation.

There are four cornerstones of any business change or transformation project:

  • clarity of vision and purpose
  • management committment to achieving the desired outcome
  • well defined change management strategy
  • well defined, consistent communication which embraces communication style of different personality types

When implementing change, business executives traditionally focused on designing the best strategies and tactical plans. But to be successful, they also have to have an intimate understanding of the human side of change and the recognition of how different people and groups will react to, and cope with the proposed change.


Need help with your Change Management Process?

images (5)If you need help with any aspect of facilitating change within your organisation, give us a call.

We employ a structured change management process and a set of tools to ensure that people feel engaged in the change process and work collectively towards a common objective, realizing business benefits and delivering desired results.