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Performance Measurements – How to measure what matters?

One hundred years ago, the traditional accounting measures of costs, activities, efforts, and inputs met the needs of that era’s businesses. But today, these metrics are too narrow in their focus and don’t take into the account the shift in economy, from manufacturing and services to information age.  You therefore need more innovative Key Performance Indicators that can predict, rather than report, your company performance.

But finding the right indicators is not easy. How to find the right measures is the most asked question in the field of performance measurement.  How do you translate results so intangible as employee morale or service quality or corporate image into a measurable performance indicator?

Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop

If you if you want to find an answer to this and many other questions, you need to check the Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop.

The workshop is run by Stacy Barr, one of the most knowledgeable people on this planet when it comes to performance measurements. Stacey Barr is a specialist in organisational performance measurement, helping corporate planners, business analysts and performance measurement officers confidently facilitate their organisation to create and use meaningful performance measures with lots of buy-in.

Stacy normally lives and consults in sunny Australia, but this year you have a rare chance to learn from her in London.
Her Performance Measure Blueprint, where she introduces the Performance Measurement Process (PuMP), is one-of-a-kind workshop which teaches you how to overcome the most common practical struggles people face in trying to meaningfully measure what matters:

  • trying to measure a strategy that seems immeasurable and is filled with vague words like efficient, effective, sustainable, quality, reliability and productive
  • trying to find good performance measures that meaningfully track results, not activity
  • trying to get people engaged in measurement, so they buy-in and have ownership of their measures to improve performance

You can read more about Stacey on her website –


Predictive Key Performance Indicators

Another great resource for you to use is a book by Ronald J. Baker “Measure what matters to customers” – Using key predictive indicators.

You can buy it in our online book store.


Power Up your Marketing

I attended “Power up Your Marketing” in March 2010. Kerwin’s workshop rocked as usual. Although he was jet-lagged after a long flight from Sydney, he didn’t disappoint and delivered an amazing workshop.

He is not only a mesmerizing speaker, but also an astute businessman. He has helped many small businesses increase their sales through Joint Ventures and effectively promoting their businesses online. Kerwin is not just a speaker, he walks his talk e.g. with a few simple marketing strategies, he increased the turnover of a small business in Sydney, from $400,000 to over $5 million in just 18 months.

If you have a chance, attend one of his workshops and see for yourself. His next 3-day runs on in September (3-5 September 2010). Just do it. You won’t regret it.

Absolutely brilliant example of guerilla marketing

The best marketing ideas don’t require huge marketing budgets. According to Jay Conrad Levinson, the author of “Guerilla Marketing” book and the father of guerilla marketing concept, guerrilla marketing “works because it’s simple to understand, inexpensive and easy to implement”. All you need is a bit of creativity and a good understanding of human nature.

This is all was needed to create a launch a brand awareness campaign for Absolut Vodka…Watch this great example of an astonishingly simple and brilliantly executed marketing campaign… Absolutely brilliant….

Guerilla Marketing example


More on Guerilla Marketing

If you would like to learn more about guerilla marketing concepts, read Jay Conrad Levinson book “Guerilla Marketing”. You can buy it from our online store.