Project Management Services

Pic1Do you need an experienced project manager to oversee your project and make sure that it is completed on time, within budget and to your exact specifications?

We specialise in managing all types of digital and change management projects ranging from business process improvement, website re-design, e-commerce implementation, software design, business re-structuring and many other types of projects.

We don’t adhere to a single project management methodology, preferring instead to select the most appropriate one for your project, be it Agile, Prince 2 or a combination of both (Prince2 Agile). We also follow the good practices defined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).


Project Management Methodology

Project management methodology is a set of rules and processes that govern how the project is initiated, planned, executed, monitored, controlled and closed.

There are several project management methodologies which came in and out of fashion over the years. Currently the most commonly used methodologies are:

  • Prince 2,
  • Agile,
  • Prince 2 Agile (new)

PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology

PRINCE2_-_Project_Management_MethodologyPRINCE2 is a structured project management methodology adopted as a standard by the UK Government and at least 28 other countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Australia, India, Poland, China and the United States.

PRINCE2 is based on seven principles, seven themes and seven processes. The seven principles are Continued Business Justification, Focus on Products, Defined Roles & Responsibilities, Management by Stages, Management by Exception, Learning from Experience, Tailoring the Management Process to Suit the Project Environment.

The seven themes are: business case, organization, quality, plans, risk, change and progress.  The principles and themes come into play in the seven processes which are used to plan, manage and control the project.

Prince 2 has traditionally been used on larger projects, especially those that follow Waterfall development method. However, although the methodology is quite adaptable, it is not a good solution for very small projects or projects where requirements and scope of work are expected to change.


AGILE Project Management

AGILE-Graphic01Agile Project Management Methodology was developed to  manage software projects with short life span, poorly defined or rapidly changing requirements, or projects where fast delivery of a partial solution is vital to remaining competitive.

Traditional development methodologies such as the Waterfall method or other linear processes require detailed requirements to be defined in the beginning of the project and the end product must adhere strictly to those requirements.

With Agile there is no clearly defined end product at the onset. The scope of the project is therefore flexible. In Agile there is still a disciplined prioritization process, but the non-static requirements, flexibility, constant change, and regular communication approach this as part of the culture and process.

Agile methodology is very flexible and allows easy scope changes, which is best for service-oriented projects such as software development and graphic design. However, this methodology is not good for projects with strictly defined requirements and scope.

This is most commonly used in software development but the approach can also be powerful in some other types of projects as well. Some users say that practitioners must have lightweight project management processes in place in order to deliver in the short time frames that Agile demands.

Instead of building the project all together, the development is broken up into sprints with small deliverables. The main drawback of Agile is that if it is not fully grasped, the methodology could lead to unattainable expectations.


Prince2 Agile™ Project Management Methodology

According to Axelos, Global Best Practice Organisation, Prince2 Agile™ is the world’s most complete agile project management solution, combining the flexibility and responsiveness of agile with the clearly defined framework of PRINCE2®.

PRINCE2 Agile™ was developed to help experienced PRINCE2 practitioners tailor management controls for agile development, while helping Agile practitioners better understand PRINCE2 governance requirements.

Benefits of using a recognised methodology to manage projects

Using a proven project management methodology to manage projects, irrespective of their size, can bring many benefits to a business. Good project management methodology :

  • reduces the risk of a project failing
  • ensures that project results meet business requirements
  • increase efficiency not only of the project team, but also the stakeholders involved in defining the project requirements and approving the final project deliverables
  • make things simpler and easier for staff with a single point of contact running the overall project
  • encourage consistent communications amongst staff and suppliers
  • keep costs, time frames and resources to budget
  • improves customer satisfaction?


Need help with managing your next project?

prince2_cerditation We are Certified Prince2 Project Management Practitioners and Certified Scrum Product Owners, with many successful projects under our belt. We can take care of your project from start to end, or help you rescue a project which has not gone quite to plan.

We have extensive experience in managing many different types of projects ranging from new software implementation, business process improvement, website re-design, e-commerce, business re-structuring and many more.