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Marketing involving traditional media such as print, publications, radio, tv, billboards, direct mail

Marketing Case Study – How to waste your marketing budget…

I don’t usually read ads on milk cartons, but today a small label on my favorite brand of milk caught my attention – “FREE ORGANIC YOGURT. See side of pack”.

I dutifully turned over the carton to reveal further instructions – “Cut out, and send us 5 TOKENS along with your postal address to receive a FREE Low Fat, Organic YogMarketing case study - how to waste your marketing budgeturt”. Terms and conditions at www….

Hmmm… Well, Ireland might have been hit hard by the recession but I just cannot imagine they will be getting many entries… Imagine the effort required to enter… You have to rip open the milk carton, rinse it, cut out a token, put it away safely (you need 5 tokens to qualify), address the envelope, enclose your own address, buy a 55c stamp, stick it on the envelope and post it. All that in order to get a €2 carton of yogurt?????

The plot thickens.

Intrigued by the logic of the competition, I decided to check the terms and conditions on the yoghurt manufacturer’s website….. I went to their Home page, clicked on the Win tab and found the following sentence – “The company is currently offering a FREE GOATS YOGURT when you send five tokens from promotional packs of Goats Milk!”


Imagine the disappointment of the few poor individuals, who dutifully collected the tokens and posted them in anticipation of getting their Free yogurt, only to find out that they didn’t qualify?

Did I forget to mention that the token in question was printed on a carton of ordinary cow’s milk and the ad on the side of the carton did not say a word about having to submit the tokens from goat’s milk cartons…

And then there was the last pearl…

“Please note that while vouchers and coupons are widely accepted in Irish retailers, acceptance of coupons and vouchers is at the discretion of the retailer.”

I give up. Why on earth would anybody bother?

Absolutely brilliant example of guerilla marketing

The best marketing ideas don’t require huge marketing budgets. According to Jay Conrad Levinson, the author of “Guerilla Marketing” book and the father of guerilla marketing concept, guerrilla marketing “works because it’s simple to understand, inexpensive and easy to implement”. All you need is a bit of creativity and a good understanding of human nature.

This is all was needed to create a launch a brand awareness campaign for Absolut Vodka…Watch this great example of an astonishingly simple and brilliantly executed marketing campaign… Absolutely brilliant….

Guerilla Marketing example


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If you would like to learn more about guerilla marketing concepts, read Jay Conrad Levinson book “Guerilla Marketing”. You can buy it from our online store.