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IT consulting (Software selection)

If you are looking to implement new software or re-vamp your existing systems, Getahead Consulting can help you in the following areas:

  • business analysis, documenting and prioritising your business requirements
  • finding and selecting a software supplier
  • non-technical Project Management (managing your software vendors to ensure smooth software/hardware installation, data migration, training & handover).

There are two approaches to software implementation. You can either do it the standard way where you see an ad about software which claims to be be the best thing since sliced bread, contact a salesman, listen to his sleek sales pitch; attend a demonstration which leaves you totally confused, but you still ask for a quote; you compare it to other quotes, buy the cheapest package, … and then your nightmare begins.

Installation takes ages, half of the software features make data entry a living hell, the system spits out meaningless reports and everything takes twice as long as before. After a year of trying to make things work, the system is abandoned or half of the information is not entered and your staff work around the problems by doing everything in Excel. Sounds familiar? And this is a mild version.

…or we can help you do it the right way:

  1. We help you define your requirements before you begin your software search. We can help you with that and it is not as scary as it sounds if you know what to do. We briefly look at your strategy, products/services, processes, workflow, reporting requirements – both current and anticipated, your transaction volumes and risks etc. We document your all of those and together with you, we prioritize them into must have, should have and nice to have.
  2. We then prepare test data and describe real life business scenarios.
  3. After completing the requirements, we look at the potential benefits the software would provide and define a preliminary budget.
  4. Only then, once we know our basic search criteria, we search the market … We consider all possible solutions – can “off-the shelf” package be sufficient, or bespoke software is the way to go? Or maybe a bit of both? We even consider what would happen if you did absolutely nothing…
  5. After selecting 3-4 best vendors based on the pre-agreed criteria (solutions offered, costs, company reputation, technology, support, future developments etc.), we ask them for a “scripted demonstration”. A “scripted demonstration” simulates your actual business scenarios, using your pre-defined test data, instead of showing you some meaningless hypothetical examples and hiding the stuff, which “doesn’t work”.
  6. After attending the presentations and comparing the notes, we compare costs to benefits, highlight the potential risks and recommend various options, so that you can make an informed decision, based on facts rather than on emotional response to a well-rehearsed salesman pitch.
  7. And if you want us to, we can take our assistance even one step further. We can deal with the vendor right through the implementation, to ensure that all promised product features have been installed correctly, your staff are adequately trained and that your software is giving you the benefits it promised.

In a nutshell, we can offer you a comprehensive service of managing any project related to software selection & implementation. Our satisfied client range from small businesses to large enterprises in a variety of business sectors – construction, transportation, hospitality, advertising, banking, telecommunications and many others.

Our rates are very reasonable, because we keep our overheads down and use well proven requirements gathering and project management methodology. Contact us for more details….