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Financial Management is not that difficult if you know what you are doing. It requires some basic understanding of how your income, expenses and profits are calculated, how your financial statements are constructed, what is an asset and how to best leverage it to your advantage so it generates most return on your investment.Financial management requires some discipline and consistency but you certainly don’t need an MBA to manage your small business. Cash is king and you need to watch your cash flow like a hawk. Fortunately these skills  can easily be learnt, so don’t panic. We will help you create sound financial management policy, so your business can survive and prosper.

This page (not our services) is still under development. Please contact us if you need help with any aspect of financial management.

Coming soon:

Bookkeeping – How to avoid a shoe box syndrome

Cashflow management

Management Accounting – The art of measuring what matters

Debtor Management – How to sell on credit without going broke

Financing your business – How to find the money to finance your business



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