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Wealth Dynamics Profile

Wealth Dynamics Profile Wealth Dynamics Profile is a unique personality profiling system that allows entrepreneurs discover their fastest path to success based on their best way of creating value and leveraging it.

Wealth Dynamics is based on the well-known Meyers Briggs personality profile and the Chinese Book of Changes – I Ching.

According to Roger Hamilton, who developed Wealth Dynamics Profile test, there are 8 types of  Entrepreneurs.

Depending on his personality type, each type of entrepreneur has both strengths and weaknesses that make him  better at certain wealth strategies and worse at others.

Watch this  short video in which Roger Hamilton explains the basics of Wealth Dynamics and the differences between various Wealth Dynamics Profiles.

Understanding your “Entrepreneurial Type” gives you clarity on what to focus on and which strategies are right for you to create wealth – People who don’t understand their type often try vastly different strategies with very limited success (eg: network marketing, stock trading, commission only selling, buying a franchise).

Perusing a strategy that isn’t suitable to you will make wealth creation feel like hard work. For example, ‘Star’ type Entrepreneurs thrive when in an environment that involves creatively expressing a brand; and ‘Mechanic’ types tend to thrive best working on optimising processes (such as creating a franchise).

Anyone can be trained to be a public speaker, but someone whose entrepreneurial type is naturally inclined towards being in the spotlight (a STAR), will almost always outperform any other types, no matter how hard they try.

Finding your path and your own flow is therefore the single, most important step you can take towards achieving financial freedom and life-lasting success.

Wealth Dynamics Profile Test

The Wealth Dynamics Profile Test has now been taken by more than 20,000 people. The insights provided by the profile has helped them find their best source of wealth and apply their time and resources where they are most likely to succeed. 

To discover your Wealth Dynamics profile, please complete a 15 minutes online test. After you complete the test, you will receive a comprehensive26 page Wealth Profile Report with your results and an outline of your winning wealth-creation strategy.

The report lists not only your strengths, weaknesses and wealth creation strategies that are right for you, you also discover what types of people you need most on your team to help you succeed, where your leverage will come from, where your most significant cash flow should come from, and how can you create your value differential.

Wealth Dynamics provides you with a map to guide you on Your Path to Wealth, allowing you to identify which strategies, and six steps you need to be focusing on, learning about, and taking action on.

What is covered in the Wealth Dynamics Profile Test Results:

  • Your Wealth Profile – your fastest path to creating wealth
  • Role Models Who Share Your Wealth Profile and you should learn from
  • Your Strengths & Weaknesses as a Wealth Creator
  • How to Build Your Wealth Foundation
  • Your Moment of Wealth Creation
  • How to Create Value using Your Profile
  • How to Leverage Your Value
  • Who do you need on your team to make it happen

Take the Wealth Dynamics Profile Test Now

Wealth Dynamics Profile Test is only US$97 incl Bonuses. To take the  Test, you first need to purchase a ‘Test Token (via PayPal). Apart from the Test Results, you will also receive $599 worth of bonuses:

ePowerPack on your Profile $99
Special VIP 50% Store Discount for two weeks $500

Wealth Dynamics Profile Test

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