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Roger Hamilton – The Creator of Wealth Dynamics Profile

Roger Hamilton - the creator of Wealth Dynamics Profile

Roger Hamilton

Roger Hamilton is a world-renowned speaker in wealth creation, best selling author, and founder of the XL Group, the world’s leading network of social entrepreneurs, educators and leaders. Roger and the XL Group are driven by the concept of World Wide Wealth: Empowering social enterprise and global change by increasing our collective ability to create and contribute wealth.

Born in Hong Kong and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge University, he became an entrepreneur soon after completing his studies, experiencing many failures before achieving success.

He now owns and runs businesses in publishing, property, financing, franchising, event management, resort management, training, coaching, technology, membership, retail and education. For the last eight years he has traveled the world, conducting events and workshops to over 500,000 entrepreneurs in 23 countries.

Roger believes that we learn from our mistakes, and he has made plenty of them. He has made and lost millions on numerous occasions.

In fact, he calculates that he lost over $130 million in mistakes in the first ten years of his entrepreneurial career. He views this education as being a lot more valuable (and expensive) than his university education.

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