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For 15 years, I’ve wanted to write a book but I was not able to pass the first few pages.

In March 2008 I started working with Joanna Dabrowska from Getahead Consulting as my Business Coach. I am married with two small daughters aged two and five and I thought it was impossible for me to find time and motivation to finish a novel.

Joanna motivated me to such a degree I was regularly waking up at 5 am and writing non-stop for 3 hours before my family woke up. With Joanna as my coach, I was excited to wake up each morning and eager to begin writing. She has spurred me to explore things in ways that I would never have thought of without her.

She has been unceasingly supportive and encouraging always without a hint of criticism. She provided exactly what I needed to move forward at every moment and she had far more confidence in my story and in me than I did.

I will always be incredibly grateful to her for her support. Her generosity is beyond measure and I know that this would never have happened without her.

If I was starting a business or building one or working on accomplishing any great feat, Joanna is the one I would want beside me, helping me along the way.

Karen Mayrand
Toronto, Canada


Joanna reported to me as a Management Consultant on a number of business projects. One of them was market research, feasibility study and preparation of a business plan for a Canadian company – SKYBANR Media Group.

The objective of this exercise was to raise Venture Capital sufficient for the company to expand its operation to United States.

Joanna was successful in preparing a market research plan, defining strategic objectives as well as facilitating development of a marketing and sales strategy based on the above objectives.

Her noteworthy achievement was also preparation of all financial projections and project plans for our Private Placement Memorandum in which we requested and obtained Venture Capital funding in excess of $1,500,000.

She also Project Managed our side of the Due Diligence process and ensured that all information required by the Securities and Exchange Commission was delivered on time and to the required standard. Joanna was also able to provide assistance in the definition of management controls necessary to ensure that projected profit margins and ROI objectives were achieved.

She has exceptional analytical skills, and with her considerable business experience, would be an excellent candidate for any company seeking profit growth.

David G. Gill, VP Marketing
SKYBANR Media Group, 

Vancouver, Canada


I engaged Joanna Dabrowska in the capacity of a Management Consultant. Her main task was to analyse the existing Sales Administration system and then design a bespoke, fully integrated Information System for the various departments, including Sales and Marketing, Stock Management, Timeshare Bookings and Debtor Administration.

We found her to be extremely helpful and she always met deadlines when required.

Her work was of a very high standard and accurate despite the pressure she received from the 6 Directors of the Group. Our Management Reports compiled by her were very useful, well written and presented in a very professional manner.

Joanna has the ability to communicate and get the message through on every level of a corporate structure. I would recommend her for any position where there is a need for systems improvement and re-organisation

Fanie van Der Merwe
Club La Costa , 

South Africa